The Best Advice I Think I Can Give.

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I am probably not the best person to give advice to any one else. I’m not particularly insightful or wise. Yet I do have one thing that I live by and have for a long time. It serves me well in life and so I’ll pass it on. That one thing is make it a point to do something silly everyday. Something you wouldn’t normally do. Step outside of your box and let loose. Put yourself out there.

The comfort zone as they call it is an illusion. Once you resign yourself to it you’re finished. Physically, mentally, spiritually. Once you break free don’t look back. It’s only going to be scary until you laugh. Once you can laugh at yourself the rest is all smooth sailing.

A few weeks ago I decided to be silly for the day. I made a tin foil hat and wore it the entire day. To the grocery store, and to Starbucks.  Walking down the street. All while keeping my shades on to observe other people. It was interesting to watch people interact and act as if nothing were unusual. There were a few laughs and I acknowledged them with a friendly wave. One guy driving down the street yelled out, “The Martians are coming”, to which I gave him a thumbs up. So, for fifty cents worth of foil I had priceless entertainment for the day.

So go ahead and take that dive, it’s well worth the effort.


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